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MCD/ Municipal corporation Liasoning

Health License – A Health trade license is the license issued by the Municipal Corporation. It acts as a permit to run a business or trade in goods and services that are directly related to the health of the general public. In India, before starting any trade that deals in goods and services that affects the Consumer’s health at large shall compulsorily obtain a Health License.


A Health trade License must be obtained by the businessperson before the commencement of business. This license helps in ensuring that the health of the public making use of the various goods and services is taken care of. This license undertakes that the hygiene and safety norms are being followed.

Trade License – Trade License is a certificate through which an entity is permitted or allowed to open the business and commence a particular trade in a particular area. Through Trade License, State Government regulates the operation of the specific business from a particular locality. It regulates and ensures there is no harm to the living or the health of citizens through activities carried out in the course of trade.

Trade License is issued with standards, safety guidelines, and relevant laws to ensure how business is being done and to protect the community within the state. Trade License is monitored and issued by the State Government for regulating trade and business within the city.

Factory License – To protect the workers and to ensure that the owner is providing a healthy environment, the government has introduced the Factory Act, 1948. As per the Factory Act 1948, every factory owner must register their premises with the local authorities before commencing their business. Factory License acts as a document of approval given by authorities to carry out manufacturing activities. The Department of Factories and Boilers issues Factory License. It is the duty of the Factories and Boilers Department to keep a check on the health, safety, and welfare of workers.

Also, a factory registering under the Factories Act,1948 must obtain its building planapproval from the labor and employment department before covering themselves for a factory registration.